08 - 10 December 2020

"Excellence is a journey" for renewal !
It is the right time for the SCM fraternity to rebound and rebuild together with the leverage of learnings and mutual support and appreciation…

"SCALE" is Back with a new resolve to champion the cause of this movement of rejuvenation.

New approach to drive excellence through SCALE Award.

  • Review and reward the "Adaptability and Rebounding capability."
  • Review and reward the “Scale & Impact of the rebound and resilience.
  • Real-time assessment and support for Business restoration and Supply Chain process transformation post Covid19
  • Virtual assessment/audits for data Analysis on process , practice and People aspects, towards ability to :
    • Resolve
    • Resilience
    • Reimagining
    • Reform
    • Return
  • Comprehensive virtual support for leveraging best practices and knowledge sharing through experts & Jury.
  • Case by case support for specific issues and resolutions.
  • Participation is free and voluntary.
  • Final Award based on above with a virtual session across industry and verticals.
The New Process steps
  • Collection of Application and details
  • Discussion with the "Jury & Expert panel"
  • Analysis and Assessment for facilitated support
  • Expert/Jury one on one facilitation with short listed participants for knowledge sharing and leveraging to help rebound and rebuild
  • Case by case specific support as requested by participants
  • Announcement of the results and key findings
  • Final Award and appreciation event for common knowledge sharing